iPhone NOT

December 19, 2006

What most people miss is Apple Computer does not own the name iPhone. This, I think is a major blow. (If the Apple cell phone ever existed). The whole blogging scene, financial analysts, and the press all think (thought) it was going to be “THE Apple iPhone”. Could this be the reason for the delay in introducing the iPhone, ah, new cell phone from Apple?. Maybe Apple could come up with another clever name. They could “repurpose” iChat or another clever word, but for now the icing has been ripped off the cake.

Meh, I must update my post. Apple must have bought the iPhone name. I checked the wi-fi/voip  iPhone website today and it’s down. So I guess Apple (who also changed their name today) paid for the name. Serves me right trying to second guess Apple. The Apple iPhone is beyond cool and will shatter the market if it works as well as it looks.


2 Responses to “iPhone NOT”

  1. iphone Says:

    How much do you think they will cost i hope i can get a cheap iphone but something tells me that there goner cost a fair bit of money.

  2. joyfarm6 Says:

    Apple gave a 499 price point for the 8 gig I believe. Apple doesn’t allow discounts on iPods, so I’m pretty sure there will be none for this one.

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