Idea Mapping

January 3, 2007

I’ve always been interested in Mind Mapping and Idea Mapping. It’s just that I’ve never been able to get it to work for me. There are several shareware programs that look very good when someone else does the map, but my own always left a lot to be desired.

Well I found a book Idea Mapping by Jamie Nast. Finished the first four chapters and I can tell this book will help me almost beyond measure. It shows me a way to get my scattered ideas on paper. Now you laugh, but consider this; I can now speak to my Sunday School class from one sheet of paper with ALL the ideas I want to present. May not sound like much, but to me this is wonderful. When faced with a question during class I can address that question and not lose my place. Plus I can see what I need to talk about next and everything is right there with little pictographs and different colors to remind me what is the correct order and what is important.


6 Responses to “Idea Mapping”

  1. Phil Says:

    I use mind mapping a great deal. It helps me plan the sessions I teach.

    I also use it to write essays and reports. The best software I have found to do this is Spark-Space – in fact it seems to be the only one where you are able to bridge from map to text view in a way that makes sense. The software can be viewed at The text view can also be save to a word processed document and RTF files.

    Mind mapping has really helped me reduce the amount of time I need to spend producing written work.

  2. joyfarm6 Says:

    In the last few days I’ve used idea mapping to plan my day, write an article and take notes from a podcast. I really like the process. I checked the software out and thanks for the link. The software looks very good, and what I like the best is you can convert the map to a word processor. A lot of the programs I’ve seen don’t allow that feature.
    I’m not sure of the differences between mind mapping and idea mapping. Doesn’t matter to me I guess. I’m just trying to make it make it work for me.

  3. Jamie Nast Says:

    Dear Joyfarm6 & Phil,

    Hi! Jamie Nast here (author of Idea Mapping).

    Just noticed your comments and had to respond. You made my day! One of my goals was to have people be able to learn this skill without necessarily needing to come to a workshop (although the workshops go beyond Idea Mapping). I wasn’t sure how realistic that goal was, but it sounds like you are a testimony to success. Please keep me posted on your growth as you work your way through the book.

    Idea Mapping has a rich heritage in mind mapping, but does not restrict you to the LAWS of mind mapping. After teaching mind mapping for 15 years and watching people struggle with keeping the laws in all circumstances, I finally had to listen to the needs of the users. Some laws make sense SOME of the time, but rarely in all cases. So freedom for the creator was the first difference. Secondly, the term Idea Mapping better describes the actual process and seems to be a more accepted term — especially in the business environment.

    The Mindjet software is more expensive, but is powerful (if you need that kind of power). Another option that I’ve heard people try recently is and it is free.

    Warm Regards!


  4. joyfarm6 Says:

    Well you made my day. I have now finished the book and have used idea mapping to do my daily to do lists, projects and teach my Sunday School class. I also use it to take notes with lectures, podcasts, meetings and sermons. I remember the info much better.What is cool about that is that I have the full notes on one page. That way I find it easier to keep on track, if a student ask a question I can skip ahead and cite a point and not lose my place.
    I checked out the book from the library but I will need to buy my own because I want my children to learn how to do this. We homeschool and this is a great way to learn to take notes and study.

    I appreciated your personal idea map.

    Thanks for the book and post.

  5. Jamie Nast Says:

    Dear JoyFarm6,

    I submitted an article for re-publication to Christianity Today that was in a Purdue University magazine in November 2006. If CT wants me to spin it in a different direction, would you be willing to submit an example or share similar thoughts as you just have?

    Regardless I would love to share any of your maps and a brief description on my website if you are so inclined. I think readers would also appreciate your insights in an amazon book review — if you feel like it. No pressure, please. Contact me any time at Plus you have the other contact info in the back of the book!


  6. Cornel Says:

    You can also see Jamie’s article as well as putting up your own Idea Maps for others to see on her site at Just go to the press page for the article..

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