Being a Small Group Teacher

January 29, 2007

OK, Now I teach a Sunday School Class. What I wish is that the students would get as much from it as I do. I guess they could never do that as I spend 4-5 hours in prep work. Not that I’m complaining it’s just some of that angst is because I’m learning to teach.

I’ve had to learn how to teach while teaching. It looks so easy when I watch a good teacher. He transitions from one point to another, gives great illustrations and doesn’t seem nervous at all. Well, I still struggle on all those “easy” points. Some are getting easier some harder as I can see the students reactions better now (because I am less nervous and stressed out).

OK now you want to know what the truly ironic part is-the lesson was on STRESS. I was stressed out on a lesson on how to deal with stress. Yet I was mostly stressed out until the end of the series. I did learn about how to lessen stress and eliminate other types of stress. I even learned stress is necessary to shape us as Christians, to make us stronger in Christ. I think I need stress to keep me honest in studying and preparing the lessons.

Some things that have helped me are; idea mapping, finding good illustrations, sharing personal observations, reading all the scriptures contained in the lesson, getting good background on the scripture including history and customs and a lot of prayer. Nothing beats prayer.


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