Great Old Movies

March 18, 2007

Where to start? A short list Roman Holiday (my favorite), Paris- When It Sizzles, Charade (my favorite- I can have two right?), Breakfast at Tiffany’s, 12 Angry Men, Ben HurRear Window (best intro of a character EVER-Grace  Kelly as Lisa  Carol Fremont),  Rope (watch it closely and the extras after the movie to see if you get the undercurrents of this very dark thriller) OK there are more I’ll add later. This is a good start for your Netflix Q.

You almost cannot go wrong watching any Marilyn Monroe movie. Believe it or not she was a good actress. Start with Niagara my favorite Marilyn movie, dark but good plus some great Ohio (Cleveland) characters.

Westerns next, yes there are great westerns! Even one Marilyn Monroe!


2 Responses to “Great Old Movies”

  1. Great movies for Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Rope. Charade is not bad. I haven’t seen the others.

  2. joyfarm6 Says:

    Watch Rear Window for Stewart & Kelly (serious chemistry) then the Hitchcock mental games. Rope is even better when you watch the extras and then the movie again. What my wife and I do is choose an actress or actor and pick from their movies until we are tired of them. That’s how we found so many good Marilyn movies, and we were surprised how good many of them were (I don’t count the small part ones – Monkey Business ect.).

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