More Communication at Work

April 25, 2007

My co-worker is talking to me again. For the 8-9 weeks he wasn’t talking to me. I was nice to him, said good night to him and other social things (with no response from him, not one word). I left him normal (and sometimes extra) communications about what went on during my shift during the “silence”. I finally left him a note asking what I had done to offend him and if he would tell me I would be more than willing to apologize, still no communication.

Then a few days later he just started talking like nothing had ever happened. You know what? In one way I’m relieved, and feel better about working with him. On the other hand, I’m more angry with him than when he wasn’t talking. I need to put that anger aside, because with no doubt, he’s the one with the problem. I do feel a little sorry for him.

I heard of a study on job satisfaction on a podcast (60 Second Scientific American) and the study claimed 47% of Americans were satisfied with their jobs and were happy about them. I believe that’s amazing. Maybe it’s this way; when you talk about a person’s job and say how difficult or bad it is they seem to defend the job. They might say it’s not so bad, or only at times it’s that bad or hard. Just a thought. I really like my job, and sometimes I love it. It just takes so much time from my life and family. It’s said no one at the end of their life says “I wish I’d spent a little more of my time at the office”.


2 Responses to “More Communication at Work”

  1. Gabe Taviano Says:

    Interesting post! I wasn’t aware you had a blog? Will have to check in here more often. Maybe we can get together again soon and catch up?

  2. joyfarm6 Says:

    Yea, that would be great. Maybe next week. I’ve been blogging for a little while. I also run a blog for my Sunday school class.

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