My Wife, My Best Friend?

November 7, 2007

My Wife is my best friend… And, guess what? I think that’s the best thing ever. I do love her more than a normal friend and certainly in a different way. But when you boil it down I view her a the best, closest friend I’ve ever had, bar none. Maybe it’s best said that she is even more than a best friend. A Super-best friend. Someone I share everything with (with the exception of the crap I put up with at work).

What puzzles me is how could someone not be best friends with their mate. A few people I work with look at me like I’m insane when I tell them my wife is my best friend. That makes me wonder about the quality or worth of their marriage or living arrangements. I do work with a wide variety of cultures, Muslim, Hispanic, Blacks, Red Necks, and others. Not all clearly express that they don’t view their mates as best friends, but many don’t act like it. Talking about things they say or do without their mates knowledge tells it all.

So is “best friend” the better term? Don’t know… but I do know it’s working out well for us that way.


2 Responses to “My Wife, My Best Friend?”

  1. Paradox Says:

    You are very lucky! This is the way is supposed to be. Unfortunately for me, it turns out that my wife is my enemy! She is always annoyed with me and can never have a proper civil conversation – and she has just started driving off with out at least saying “Bye.”

  2. joyfarm6 Says:

    It wasn’t always so. At first we were “in love”, then we worked to be best friends. It’s not always berries and cream, sometimes it’s rough. But I always know she loves me and that’s important.
    I have been working a lot lately and that has tested us a bit.
    Thanks for the comment, and I do hope for the best for you and your wife.

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