Christian, Husband, Father, Friend, Production Supervisor and wannabe blogger, I’ve so many things to do and a desire to do them. Usually I’m spread a little thin, kinda like my hair is getting. One beautiful 12 year old daughter (with another at 7 years) will do that to a father. Two sons complete the package, one a mad scientist the other an intense jock that is brilliant at his school work. I’ve been married to the same beautiful woman for 20 years and am looking forward to spending the rest of my life with her, a long one I pray.
Work for me is a lot of fun, I work in a “pop” plant making soft drinks, hundreds of thousands of bottles a day. We were just bought out by a multi-national company who is a great employer. My bosses are reasonable, and my immediate manager is maybe one of the best I’ve worked for in a long time.
Do I have problems? You bet. But I try not to let them get me down. Which brings me to this blog. My wife tells me that I am the most different person she knows. She tells me that is a compliment, I try to believe her. But I do secretly pride myself in being different.
I listen to 20-30 podcasts per week, and hope to host my own soon. Apple is my choice of OS and I border on an Apple bigot. I don’t like Jobs even though he is brilliant mostly because he is ruthless and seems to carry grudges.
Irony and paradoxes amaze and confound me especially when they pertain to humans so here we go….


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