Hard Corps: a great read

January 16, 2008

Now this was a good read. I really enjoyed the fast paced ride from gangbanger to being awarded the Navy Cross. What a success story! Language was rough but there was a warning in front of the book.

I have never really understood the hazing and rough treatment in boot camp and being a boot but now I have a better idea of the importance. Several times I was almost brought to tears just reading the book. Especially the time where he describes older Vets correcting his flag raising skills and his treatment when he comes back to America and the reception the Marines receive.

Marco Martinez will go far in life. He is a hero in the truest sense of the word.


What a Nice Day

January 9, 2008

It was the 8th of January and it was 69 degrees today. I spent as much time outside as I could, cleaning the yard and shed. I have a pile of diseased wood to burn tomorrow. The weather was changing so quick, when I started around noon it was windy and clear, by 3PM it was overcast and looked like thunderstorms were moving in soon.

I get a kick out the people who talk about global warming when there is a day like this. Like that proves the case. I remember that Al Gore preached that an ice age was coming. Scientist are predicting the weather 50 to 100 years in the future when 5 days is a stretch for a good weather forecast. I know this will ruffle some feathers.

But if I remember my history correctly the Vikings settled Greenland and were able to raise dairy cows and farm. I don’t believe that can be done today. The weather works in cycles and unpredictable ones at that…

Love for my Wife

September 25, 2007

I have been married for 26 years… I know I love my wife more today than when we were married. She is not a perfect wife (for sure I’m not the perfect husband), but I love her more than ever. It’s more passionate and at the same time a the “best friend in the world” type of love, how can I explain that?

Several times in our marriage I believed we were doomed. But I never considered leaving or divorce because I knew it was me and at least 1/2 of it was my baggage. All I would have done is take the baggage to another relationship.

What brings me to this post is that we have some friends who are having problems with their marriage and some of it reminds me of our problems. The rushing around of little kids, jobs taking to much time, being second (maybe even last) in getting attention (sex, what sex?), the stress of money and everything else  and that’s not mentioning families that seem to complicate everything with their problems and hangups.

My advice… communication, but first listen… really listen. If you think everything is OK and your partner blows you out of the water with news you never suspected. You’re not listening…or paying attention, verbal or physically.

My problem was/is I like to solve problems. When my wife would share her problems, I wanted to offer solutions. WRONG ANSWER, (maybe I’m slow… but it took me 15-18 years to get this) listen and then listen to her but don’t offer solutions. Believe it or not that’s not what she wants. She want attention and someone to listen to her.

Talking… well I’m getting better at sharing my feelings, needs and fears.

Do I have all the answers… not even close. But my wife and I can weather the storms of life with our love, respect and trust in Jesus Christ.

Just a Short Post

June 28, 2007

Hello, I’m still around. I’ve had a bad case of tendinitis and have been to busy for my own good. When you look forward to 5 days from now to be able to sleep 7+ hours you know things are bad. I have been marking my days out in 15 minute chunks to make everything fit. That’s gonna change soon.

I have noticed my family has also picked up the same pace. To much on their plates too. So they will slow down and in a few weeks I’ll do the same.

What is life if you can not enjoy it while it passes. God did not mean it to be this way….

I can remember playing tackle football (him being on his knees) when I was 7 or 8 and when he “tackled” me and I had all the breath knocked out of me. I can picture (and feel it now) he in a white t-shirt kneeling over me while my Great-Grandmother leaned out the window scolding him for playing so rough. I remember it so well because at that moment I really knew my Father was concerned for me, really concerned. (And I also realized he couldn’t fix everything) I felt like I was a man, being able to be hurt and then toughing it out.

Another time we three boys were dancing around the fire barrel while my parents burned wallpaper. We dressed for the occasion by making head dressings with feathers and I in my PJ’s (which were Indian or cowboy themed, flannel none the less). Man, I can remember this like yesterday; it was just getting dark and well past my bedtime. We were doing a rain dance like thing around the fire barrel when a large piece flew out of the fire and landed on my back. In an instant there were flames all over me, my Dad ran over and ripped all my clothes off and I wasn’t even burned! I can remember thinking that nobody on TV was tougher than my Dad.

I can remember going squirrel hunting with him for the first time, my favorite part was holding his hand on the way back. I know we didn’t get a squirrel cause I was to noisy. I think that’s why my Mother insisted I go, because she hated to cook squirrels and my Dad never missed. Once I saw him shoot a crow from at least 200 yards with a .22 and another time shoot a rabbit on the run with a pistol.

He grew up during the depression without a father and dirt poor in the hills of West Virginia. They hunted and trapped from the time he was 8 or 9, he claimed he didn’t really have shoes until he went to school. After listening to his Brother talk my Father was not stretching the truth, they were really poor.

I’ll post a few more memories, maybe some of our great adventures we boys had chasing over the hills.

My co-worker is talking to me again. For the 8-9 weeks he wasn’t talking to me. I was nice to him, said good night to him and other social things (with no response from him, not one word). I left him normal (and sometimes extra) communications about what went on during my shift during the “silence”. I finally left him a note asking what I had done to offend him and if he would tell me I would be more than willing to apologize, still no communication.

Then a few days later he just started talking like nothing had ever happened. You know what? In one way I’m relieved, and feel better about working with him. On the other hand, I’m more angry with him than when he wasn’t talking. I need to put that anger aside, because with no doubt, he’s the one with the problem. I do feel a little sorry for him.

I heard of a study on job satisfaction on a podcast (60 Second Scientific American) and the study claimed 47% of Americans were satisfied with their jobs and were happy about them. I believe that’s amazing. Maybe it’s this way; when you talk about a person’s job and say how difficult or bad it is they seem to defend the job. They might say it’s not so bad, or only at times it’s that bad or hard. Just a thought. I really like my job, and sometimes I love it. It just takes so much time from my life and family. It’s said no one at the end of their life says “I wish I’d spent a little more of my time at the office”.

I always wonder why Pandora hasn’t really taken off. It’s a great place to discover new music. Now I’m listening to holiday music by entering Tran-Siberian Orchestra and there’s all this great music.

Maybe it’s like netcasting, it only appeals to geeks or computer savvy people. It’s amazing to my how much info and entertainment can be found on netcasts. Yet some people tell me they have no desire to find out.

And that’s a mystery to me. If only they would check it out they would find another world. Well, that may be the real problem. Change. A person does not seem old if they are flexible and open to change.