I had little hope for this movie when it first started, but I stuck with it and what a blessing! Facing the Giants is a heart warming film with a powerful message of how to deal with adversity and disappointments.

Although the film becomes predictable it’s forgivable because it’s like a flower that unfolds in stop action photography. You can have a good idea what it going to look like but you’re still in awe of the flower’s beauty.  

The film is great because it doesn’t come across as preachy. The message isn’t preached in a monologue it’s acted out many times in a very emotional way. I really came to identify with the Coach Grant Taylor he takes some really hard blows and with God’s direction and help he bounces back. I was struck by the scenes when he tells his wife that he’s the reason they cannot have children. What makes this even more painful for him is that he’s having a losing season and learns of a secret meeting to replace him as coach. A double body blow to any man- as a man in the bedroom and his career. How he deals with this crisis is the beauty of the movie. Everything else that happens is the result of his decision that he makes that morning.

I cannot spoil it anymore please see it.