What’s up with Kerry…

January 11, 2008

Wow talk about cold, not even telling Edwards he wasn’t going to back him for the Presidential run…


Job Interview

May 22, 2007

I had an interview with Starbucks today. When I woke up this morning I just did not feel like I was ready for the interview. Almost there I notice I miss a spot shaving, luckily there was a CVS next door and I could buy a dollar razor to correct the problem. It was just that type of day, kinda behind the curve all day.

The interview went… I just don’t have a feel for it. I answered every question with good responses I believe. It was a situational type of interview, with prewritten questions and S-A-R type responses. A classic  interview, one I’ve done myself many times before. I wasn’t nervous or anything like that, plus Steve was nice and was a good interviewer. He stayed focus and didn’t wonder off into rabbit trails. I just don’t have a good feeling about the situation.

I guess there is one plus, I saw the manager of the store I frequent. So maybe I can speak to her and see how far my resume has made it. I’ll see her later this week. I would really like to work for Starbucks, I have a lot to offer. Twenty years restaurant experience, I’ve opened stores, was a certified trainer, been company Manager of the Year, managed a store to 26 periods of sales increases and oversaw six restaurants from the ground up. One thing that I believe that hurts me is the restaurant I used to work for is mostly out of business in my area- Shoney’s Inc.

During their time they were a great restaurant to eat at and work for.

My Starbucks

March 9, 2007

Trail Talk has a good post on Starbucks. I really love my Starbucks, they know me and I feel comfortable in the store. In fact, when I study my Sunday School lesson I get more accomplished than at home. The difference is probably the difference between a guest and a father who’s directing the home school and giving attention to everyone. So maybe that is not a fair comparison.

I have read several books on Starbucks and have also worked in the restaurant industry for more than 20 years. In fact, I worked for Shoney’s Inc for 17-18 years all the way from dishwasher to District Manager. The first 10 years I worked for Shoney’s it was run like a family business, then it took on a more corporate look and feel. That’s when I think we lost customer appeal. It was no longer a place to go to meet friends; both in the store and the frequent customers. When the company no longer had the loyalty to its employees, employees for sure were not going to return it (for no reason).

My first 10 years it was rare to go out and eat at a competitive restaurant. I just felt like I was being dishonest or disloyal. When I did eat at a “enemy” restuarant I told the manager if myexperience was good or bad. And I thought about how to make “our” store better. You think this cannot be true but imagine this; more often than not when I visited with employees’ families who we eating in the restaurant their children were proud that their parents worked at the store. Sometimes the kids would even say that when they grow up they would like to work for Shoney’s.

Maybe Starbucks has found the formula that small and large restaurants abandoned for faster table turnovers and greater profits. Only to find that they are without a loyal customer base. Just a thought.