Big Switch and Outliers

January 30, 2009

11:41 PM 1/29/2009
I am reading such a good book, Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. I have read all of his books and I believe this is his best. He dimenstrates what it takes to be successful. e basically shows that it is how you are raised and that it takes about 10,000 hours to become world-class at a skill.

This is the second extremely interesting book I have read in the past month (not all books that I read as this interesting, some are good and some do me good by reading them). The first was The Big Switch where the author talked about cloud computing. The death of the business servers or home computer wasn’t the interesting part the history he used to make his points was the best parts.

Back to Outliers, one example he used is the difference between poor and wealth parents and the different styles of parenting. I can understand what he is talking about, I have experienced both sides. First as a poor child (my wife’s experiences too), then while I try to raise my children to be even more successful than I have been. I can also see his examples of the difference between people from Appalachia and Northerners. I have lived that too, and it’s so true that people from that area are hung up on personal honor to a fault.

Back to the 10,000 hours do I still have time to be an expert in anything? Yes, I can be an expert at my job. I can be the best at what I do for 50 hours a week for the 200 weks it will take. It will only take me a little while longer, maybe longer since my production line is getting all new equipment (same principles different machines). I’ll have to kinda start over.

Finished the book. Excellent book! This is a must read for a parent who wants his child to succeed in our competive world. And for anyone to understand what it takes to be an expert.

Malcolm’s book is the best of the three!


The Dip

January 4, 2008

The Dip is a really short but great book by Seth Godin. It’s about quitting and when to do it. It has convinced me that I need a new job, one that allows me to be creative and one that makes me want to go to work.

The previous post quote was the nail in the coffin for learning that i should be working for myself…

Being a Small Group Teacher

January 29, 2007

OK, Now I teach a Sunday School Class. What I wish is that the students would get as much from it as I do. I guess they could never do that as I spend 4-5 hours in prep work. Not that I’m complaining it’s just some of that angst is because I’m learning to teach.

I’ve had to learn how to teach while teaching. It looks so easy when I watch a good teacher. He transitions from one point to another, gives great illustrations and doesn’t seem nervous at all. Well, I still struggle on all those “easy” points. Some are getting easier some harder as I can see the students reactions better now (because I am less nervous and stressed out).

OK now you want to know what the truly ironic part is-the lesson was on STRESS. I was stressed out on a lesson on how to deal with stress. Yet I was mostly stressed out until the end of the series. I did learn about how to lessen stress and eliminate other types of stress. I even learned stress is necessary to shape us as Christians, to make us stronger in Christ. I think I need stress to keep me honest in studying and preparing the lessons.

Some things that have helped me are; idea mapping, finding good illustrations, sharing personal observations, reading all the scriptures contained in the lesson, getting good background on the scripture including history and customs and a lot of prayer. Nothing beats prayer.

Idea Mapping

January 3, 2007

I’ve always been interested in Mind Mapping and Idea Mapping. It’s just that I’ve never been able to get it to work for me. There are several shareware programs that look very good when someone else does the map, but my own always left a lot to be desired.

Well I found a book Idea Mapping by Jamie Nast. Finished the first four chapters and I can tell this book will help me almost beyond measure. It shows me a way to get my scattered ideas on paper. Now you laugh, but consider this; I can now speak to my Sunday School class from one sheet of paper with ALL the ideas I want to present. May not sound like much, but to me this is wonderful. When faced with a question during class I can address that question and not lose my place. Plus I can see what I need to talk about next and everything is right there with little pictographs and different colors to remind me what is the correct order and what is important.

New Theme

December 14, 2006

Like many things in my life I only like to start something if I can do it well or be successful. Well this is no different, I’ve spent alot of time changing themes and colors. No more, it’s time to get to work. I will not change the theme until I have 20 posts.

I commented on tonight. He wrote about trans fats and how it was good for the government to restrict the trans fats. My comment was that we cannot have the government directing our lives because if we do some people will do less to control their own lives.

The First Post

December 8, 2006

Something pithy, witty or just just plan brilliant. Not. I’ll just be noting things that strike me as ironic on a personal level or in a general sense. I have four kids so there is plenty of irony to go around. To much even for me sometimes.