Today was the first time my son was able to drive on his own. Well he got up to go to the OSU party we are going to later this AM, but he did not tell his mother he was going and left much earlier than planned. And I believe he may have taken friends which we had told him he wasn’t ready for yet. What to do?

Well, if he has taken friends that will influence his driving privileges, leaving without the cell and not saying bye is just rude and he’ll have to make good with his Mother. HE will have to do something that he loathes; apologize, to admit he was wrong.

Are all teenagers this way? Am I so old that I cannot remember being that way?


No friends along for the ride. He was just so excited to go out for the first time he left to early and “had” stop at Krogers and a LS Department store. Mom did take a bite out of him onĀ  the way home. Still he has problems with the “I messed up, I’m sorry” thing. Gotta work on that.

Well the Buckeyes crushed the un-named team from up north…

Well, we’ll see how this works out…